What is Papa Steve's No Junk Raw Foods?

Papa Steve's No Junk Raw Protein Bars is a brand owned by Diebold Ventures and is founded by Steven Diebold, managing partner of Diebold Ventures in Culver City,Ca. In addition, we also provide information on living a nutritious and healthy lifestyle. This site will not only allow you to purchase products, you can keep coming back daily to read articles, watch videos, and read our blog.

We are an online/retail business that ships products only in the United States and many other countries. We are in many retail locations.  All orders must be processed from this website.


Are your protein bars 100% RAW?

They are mostly RAW! 100% VEGAN. About 80-90% Organic in most cases.


Are your products certified organic?

They are not certified organic. We do use a few ingredients that are extremely expensive and hard to find organic. In order to keep the price down, we decided on which ingredients were most important to keep organic. Therefore, at this time, we do not have the ability to put the organic label on our products.


Are your products Vegan?

Yes, the designated vegan flavors are 100% VEGAN. Please do check out my food labels prior to purchase and email us with any question if you are uncertain. We do not use any animal products, dairy,soy, honey or gluten in our vegan line. They are made from nuts, fruit, plant based protein powders, and plant based sweeteners.


Are your products Non-GMO?

Yes, all of our products are Non-GMO.


Are your protein bars Kosher?

While the list of ingredients would indicate they they could be Kosher, we do not yet have a certification to make such claims. The process is too complex and costly at this time for our growing business to pursue a Kosher certification but it is something we are considering for the future.


What makes your Protein Bars unique?

  1. They are handmade in small batches with whole raw foods, they have more fiber than most bars and our exclusive protein blend added to the RAW PROTEIN BARS is a very high quality plant based or very high quality non-denatured whey protein. We feel it is important for people, especially athletes, to consume high quality protein throughout the day for repair and recovery of the broken down body after hard training sessions.
  2. The size of our RAW PROTEIN BARS are 62-71g. Each bar has about 240-280 calories, 13-20g protein, 9-14g fat, and 24-35g carbohydrates with 5-18g natural sugar from fruit. These bars are perfect as a meal replacement, snack, or pre/post workout nutrition. These macro nutrient ratios have been specifically designed by Papa Steve's for optimal energy, strength, and satisfaction.

What is the shelf life on your products?

The exp date on package is for refrigerated bars. These bars have no preservatives and will last about 1-2 months on shelf in cool dry location, 2-3 months in refrigerator, and 3-4 months when frozen. Upon arrival of shipment, bars should be stored in the refrigerator for best freshness and texture. We are not responsible for bars that have fermented due to improper storage after arrival.


Are you food bars low glycemic and are they good for diabetics?

Please check with your doctor prior to consuming any Papa Steve's Raw Foods products.


Do you have a variety pack of your protein bars?

Yes, we offer an all vegan sample pack and a whey protein + vegan sample pack in box of 10. 


Do you sell individual protein bars?

We do not sell our bars individually from our website. All protein bars are sold by the box of 10.

Where are your products made?

They are made at our own state of the art commercial kitchen and manufacturing facility located in Sun Valley,CA.  We have passed and scored the highest ranks from the California Health Dept and Los Angeles Health Dept -noted as two of the most strict agencies in the United States.  We also have proper licensing and permits to package and ship our products all over the US. You can be assured that each of our products have been through the highest quality manufacturing and testing made possible in the food industry.


Are your products sold in stores?

We do sell our products in stores. Our products are also ordered through our website, made fresh, and shipped to you. You can order online 24/7 though our website.


Do you have a Wholesale or Affiliate Program?

Yes we have both. You can check out our Wholesale Program or Affiliate Program page.


Do you offer coupons or special offers?

Yes, we have frequent coupons, sales and other offers when you sign up on the home page for discounts Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check out our Facebook page for updates on sales and offers. Coupon codes should be entered at checkout. Note: Coupon codes are not valid with other offers, wholesale purchases, or sale items.


When will my order arrive?

All products are made after you place the order. We try to ship all orders within 7 business days unless something is on back order or we are having a high volume of order, which could take up to 10-14 days to make and ship your order. Changes in shipping times will be indicated on our sale and marketing material for that event. Please allow 2 – 5 business days for your order to arrive once it is shipped, depending on how far you live from Culver City, CA.Check your email within a few days after you place your order for UPS or USPS tracking info.


How are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped FEDEX & USPS Priority mail. Most orders will arrive within 3-5 business days after they have been shipped, however some may take as long as a week to two weeks depending on how busy we are. All orders will be packaged and shipped from our warehouse in Culver City when items are in stock. These bars are made fresh after you place your order. 


How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders over $35 unless its international. The more product you order, the better the shipping value.


Can I ask for faster shipping?

In addition to USPS ground, we offer same day shipping, DHL, Fedex Express, 3 day select, 2nd day air, and overnight when we are not having a large amount of orders come in, such as during one of our big sales.


Can you ship to Canada or other countries?

Yes, we ship to Canada at this time. For other countries please visit myus.com for more information. 


Can you ship to Military APO/FPO address?

We are not able to ship to APO/FPO because we have no way to track the package once it gets to the APO/FPO and we need to be able to track all packages to each customer in order to provide the highest level of customer service. You may follow International Shipping guildlines at MyUS.com


Where is my package?

Check your email for the tracking info from USPS or FEDEX. If you did not receive that email let me know I can forward you the tracking info. The most common reason for not receiving your packing is that you had the incorrect address on your order. When you have your tracking number, be sure to check with you UPS to see where the package may be, likely in their warehouse waiting for pick up. If you still have problems with receiving your package please email me so I can assist.


What is the hard nut I found in my protein bar?

Occasionally there might be a pit (from the dates) in your protein bar. Do not try to eat the pit, it is virtually indestructible and could cause damage to a tooth. Since the date companies who supply us with our dates do not guarantee 100% pit-free product, we can’t either. We can not be responsible for date pits that end up in the food bars and any damage they may cause to your teeth, mouth, or body.


What is your Refund Policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on any “non-sale”, unopened product. If you are not satisfied with the products, we will be glad to refund you your money on unopened product minus the shipping cost within 30 days of purchase. Sale items are non-refundable. To receive a refund on non-sale items you will need to email sales@papasteves.com to get an RAC. Note: You are responsible for reading all ingredients and nutritional values of each product prior to purchasing, they are all listed on the website for your review. We do not offer refunds for failure to review these facts prior to ordering. We are not responsible for bars that have gone bad due to improper storage after arrival. There is no guarantee on the shelf life of the bars, the expiration date is just an estimate. Refunds will not be issued for improper storage. 

  • There are no refunds or returns on wholesale orders.
  • There are no refunds on sale items
  • We do not offer refunds on international orders via MyUS.com


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