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  • What flavors do they come in?

    Our original flavor is called Lauren's Mega Nuts. It is made with Peanut butter, mixed nuts, semi sweet chocolate chips and all the other goodness we've listed. It tastes like crispy peanut butter and jelly but with a little zing.

    Our next flavor is called All-In-Almond (thanks to LaurenR). This little guy is peanut free, vegan, almond butter based and sweetened with agave nectar. Yeah that's possible!

    The comes the Nutless Wonder which like it sounds is free of peanuts and tree nuts and made using sunflower seed butter. What does it taste like? Customer Neil H. came up with name so maybe he can describe. For now let's just say all the flavor you loved about the original but safe for those with nut allergies.

    Our latest and possibly greatest concoction is the Smooth Caffeinator: Hazelnut Mocha Madness. Just like the name this bar is as smooth as they come with rich hazelnut butter mixed with a sprinkling of roasted coffee giving you that extra buzz you need.

  • What is the shelf-life of Picky Bars?

    Each bar has a "best by" date written on it, and it varies from 10-24 weeks from the date of purchase without refrigeration.  Check out the "details" of the product in our online store and you will find the best by date.  Because we don't use preservatives, we are limited by the shelf-life of the natural individual ingredients we are using.  You can probably stretch it out if you keep them in the fridge, but that's entirely up to you.  We personally recommend you stick to the date on the bar.