Almond Coconut Crunch Raw Protein Bar (Box of 10)

Almond and coconut...what a combination! Together these two super-nutritious foods combine for a crunchy and delicious snack that will fill you up, nourish your body, and make you say “YUM!”

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Even though these raw protein bars taste like dessert, they still pack a nutritious punch. Maybe that’s why many people are starting to call Papa Steve’s NO JUNK Raw Protein Bars “The best protein bars on the planet.”

So what’s inside? First, let’s talk about what’s NOT inside these delicious protein bars:

  • NO chemicals
  • NO fillers
  • NO cheap soy protein
  • NO refined sugar
  • NO sugar alcohols
  • NO GMO ingredients
  • NO gluten
  • NO JUNK!

Instead, they’re filled with real food—most of it locally sourced and organic.

The days of people saying that “all fat is bad for you” are over. Today we have scientific proof of what many of us already know intuitively:


That real, natural, raw fats are one of the healthiest things you can eat.

And that’s exactly what you get with our Almond Coconut Crunch bars. These delicious real food bars contain two of the best sources of healthy fat on the plant: almond and coconut. 

Almonds contain a type of fat called monounsaturated fat, which is the same heart-healthy kind of fat found in olive oil. According to the American Heart Association, this type of fat can help reduce bad cholesterol levels and lower your risk of heart disease!

(They’re also a great source of vitamin E, an important antioxidant that many Americans need more of.)

Coconut is high in saturated fat, but it’s not your average saturated fat like the kind found in cheese or steak. Coconut is rich in a rare type of fat called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are an extremely healthy source of fat.

See, unlike other fats (which can be easily stored as body fat), MCTs are more likely to be used as an energy source—helping you to experience greater energy, without the unwanted weight gain!


And with 20 grams of all-natural, high-quality protein from gut-healthy whey, these bars will also help fuel your body for greater performance, muscle gain, and overall health.


Nutrition Facts

Calories: 265. Fat: 10 g (2.7 g saturated). Carbs: 28 g (10 g fiber, 16 g sugar). Protein: 20 g.

Contains 20% of your daily Vitamin C.



Whey Protein, Organic Dates, Organic Almond Butter, Organic Coconut, Tapioca Fiber, Organic Raw Coconut Nectar, Organic Puffed Brown Rice, Organic Apples, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Organic Cinnamon.


Online Price Discount

In stores, each bar is $3.99 + tax. But get a bulk discount online by purchasing them in a case of 10 instead!

(And trust us: once you taste your first bite, you’ll be glad you have extra.)

Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $35.


Shelf-Life & Refrigeration

These are not like other bars that sit on the shelves for 8-10 months before you purchase them. Papa Steve’s NO JUNK Raw Protein Bars are made by hand every single week, which means they always contain fresh, raw ingredients. 

We recommend storing your bars in the fridge, especially in warm climates and during the summer, to keep them tasting fresh & delicious.

Here’s how long your bars will stay good at different temperatures: 

  • 1-2 months at room temperature
  • 2-3 months in the fridge
  • 6 months when frozen

(Please note that because the bars will stay good for 1-2 months at room temperature, they are perfectly fine during shipment.)


Handmade With Love In Southern California

Don’t waste your money (and poison your health) with highly processed bars from big corporations. Instead, trust your health to a small local business that cares. We only use fresh raw nuts, seeds, fruit, plus hemp, pea, or grass-fed whey protein. Only natural sugars from the fruit, natural fruit and nut fibers, and raw organic sweeteners have been used. Which means that you will be putting into your body the best foods for your health.

Here at Papa Steve’s, we do everything we can to bring you the healthiest, freshest raw protein bars in the world.

We hand-pick our ingredients from local SoCal farmers days before production so that everything is as fresh as possible. Most ingredients are locally sourced and organic, and everything is handmade with love in southern CA (mixed, formed, packaged, and shipped by hand) every week. 

This is why when you bit into a Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein bar, you’re biting into the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious raw protein bars you can find anywhere.


A Low-GI Treat With Minimal Effect On Blood Sugar

Worried about your blood sugar or insulin levels?

High levels of refined & processed sugar can wreak havoc on this part of your body.

Fortunately, our raw protein bars are a healthy treat with NO refined sugar and a minimal effect on your blood sugar. All the sugar in our bars comes from real (mostly organic) fruit.

Plus, our bars are high in fiber, protein, and heart-healthy fats, which slow their absorption (and prevent blood sugar spikes).

If you want a quick & easy way to measure the impact of sugar from a food, try this:

  • Take the total amount of sugar
  • Subtract the protein
  • Subtract the fiber
  • Subtract the fat
This will give you a good idea of the overall sugar impact on your body. The higher the number, the bigger the blood sugar impact. (Ideally you want a negative score—one that’s below zero.)

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Love the bar by the way!
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It was beyond delicious!