As a Balanced Babe, I try and find ways to honor my best self.  Getting and giving support is a wonderful way to love ourselves and others. Treating ourselves and others well leads to joy and inner balance. I am also extremely passionate about having a healthy relationship with your self confidence and body image. Here are a few ways that you can bring your best self forward: 


1. Care for Yourself and Treat Yourself Well:  A little pampering goes a long way.  Set aside a regular "spa" day.  Give yourself a facial, mani-pedi and a hot soak in the tub complete with soothing music and candles; or book an appointment at your local spa for a special treat. There's nothing better than a great haircut and style to make you feel your best and confident! 


Healthy meals and exercise, of course, contribute greatly to our overall well being. There's something for everyone as far as choosing types of healthy foods, and ways to get yourself moving for healthy benefits.


When we are confident and loving, then we attract others that are confident and loving.  I'm a big believer in practicing gratitude and appreciation.  You can't help but feel loving (and loved) when you count all the ways you are blessed! Before bed is a great time to journal your thoughts about circumstances and people that you are grateful for. I think we underestimate the power of the written word! 


2. Reach Out - Lift Up - Pay It Forward

We were created and meant to be with other human beings.  Unfortunately, sometimes others can make us doubt our abilities, doubt our worth, and especially doubt our attractiveness.   Everyone has flaws.   The fashion magazines, especially, show women’s shapes unrealistically by photoshopping them to oblivion.  It isn't reality, and none of these doubts should be our reality.


The idea should be to just take a small step forward, then another step, then another.   Just keep moving forward  towards the self you want to be, and the rest will follow.  I think it helps tremendously when we concentrate on reaching out, lifting up and paying it forward. The negatives of self-criticism, and constantly picking yourself apart, will give way to good feelings of worth and self-appreciation.




3. Reach out each day to someone who makes you smile; or someone who is upbeat and whom you admire; or someone who loves you unconditionally.   Just having the opportunity to get advice and encouragement from the right person can make your day!


4. Lift Up that one person you come across that is looking for their "someone"  who is upbeat, motivational and loving.  It's amazing how much better you will feel if you are contributing something positive by building up and supporting another human being.


5. Pay It Forward by giving back.  Remember the movie a few years back about the little boy who did good deeds and all he asked was that the person pass it on and keep it going?  What a wonderful idea that most of us don't even think about.   I think you can do random acts of kindness everyday without even asking the person to pay it forward.  I think as long as YOU are paying it forward it will have an amazing effect.   It's been well documented that when we give, we get so much more back in feeling good about helping others. 


My website, balancedbabe.com, has a plethora of interviews, advice and recipes to get you started on your way to honoring your best self!   


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