L-Leucine, commonly known as Leucine, is known as one of three branch-chain amino acids. Because it is an essential amino acid, humans cannot synthesize it. This means that it must be obtained through diet or supplements. Some of the foods that contain L-Leucine include eggs, fish, chicken, lentils, almonds and cashews, among others.

Benefits of L-Leucine

L-Leucine provides many benefits to the body. It is effective for maintaining blood sugar levels and also increases growth hormone production. L-Leucine combines with isoleucine and valine to protect and provide fuel to the muscles, and also helps to increase your endurance level and boost energy.

Other benefits of L-Leucine are the preservation of lean muscle mass. This amino acid helps preserve muscle tissue, so that it doesn't break down as quickly during the aging process. L-Leucine can also speed the recovery process for muscle damage and skin injuries.

L-Leucine Bodybuilding

L-Leucine is important for the regulation of protein synthesis and is essential in the building of muscle tissue. It is found in high concentrations in the muscle tissue, and helps preserve breakdown of these tissues during endurance and long distance training.

People who are dedicated to bodybuilding often use supplements to insure that they have a sufficient level of L-Leucine to help prevent tissue catabolism and to help build muscle mass. It also helps in the rebuilding of muscle tissue after intense training.

Because L-Leucine helps increase endurance and energy and also promotes muscle tissue health and protection, it is essential for anyone who is serious about bodybuilding.

L-Leucine Supplement

L-Leucine supplements are available at most health food stores and online. Since the body cannot manufacture this amino acid, it has to come from foods you eat or a good supplement.

Eating enough of the foods that contain L-Leucine to provide the amount of the essential amino acid necessary for an athlete is difficult. Most bodybuilders make sure they get the amount needed to insure muscle protection by taking an L-Leucine supplement.

L-Leucine is just one of the supplements in BCAA amino acids.

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