Written by Steven Diebold, Founder/Owner of Papa Steve’s No Junk Protein Bars-www.papasteves.com

After working out for almost 24yrs I realized I needed a meal replacement, healthy snack or recovery bar that I could feel good about eating and not worry about putting a bunch of processed junk in my body everyday.

I saw most protein bars are just rice crispy bars covered in chocolate with some soy protein thrown in.  I might as well eat a Snickers Bar and sprinkle protein powder on it then dip that in Peanut Butter. Gross. What made me even more distressed was that I learned greed was at the heart of poor quality bars being made like that.  Everyone wanted to make a dollar at the cost of our societies health. I also learned how destructive soy was to the body and that most protein bars had soy in them because it’s cheaper.

Unfermented Soy is ubiquitous in so many products today and no one realizes how destructive it can be to the body. The reports I read were alarming. I didn’t realize Fermented Soy is what eastern countries eat and even when they do eat it they are not eating it in the quantities the USA does.  Here is an article on my blog that totally changed my mind about soy. http://ow.ly/73C4S

So, After 3mths of product testing at Gold’s Gym, Venice CA with members there I found an all natural recipe that worked.  I engaged Gold’s Gym to test out my bar and they liked it enough to want to start carrying it immediately.  After 8mths in Gold’s  Gym and Pilates studios in Los Angeles the bar is selling out week after week with continual growth. I can’t keep them on the shelves because they move too fast.

I had made it a goal to have Gold’s Gym, Venice be my first distributor.  I met that goal March 24,2011 just shy of 110 days.  I’m now making Whole Foods a goal in the next 60 days.

My family makes them by hand in a certified kitchen so its not made in some giant machine. They are all hand crafted to be delicious. We practice all food and safety regulations.

We’re local  in California and we support out community.  We’re certified by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

Written by Steven Diebold – www.stevendiebold.com Founder/Owner of Papa Steve’s No Junk Protein Bars- www.papasteves.com

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