11 reasons why you’re not losing belly fat

  Getting rid of your belly bulge is important for more than just vanity's sake. Excess abdominal fat—particularly visceral fat, the kind that surrounds your organs and puffs your stomach into a "beer gut"—is a predictor of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and some cancers. If diet and...     ..Read more


Why Steady State Cardio for Fat Loss Is a Bad Decision

A common notion persists that steady state cardio exercise is preeminent for body fat loss. Thus, a frequent plan is concocted that entails a bee-line to the running trail, treadmill, elliptical machine, or similar mechanical device, followed by slogging away at a sub-optimal steady state pace for 45-plus minutes.  ...     ..Read more


These 6 reasons reveal why conventional AEROBIC TRAINING IS STOPPING YOUR FAT LOSS PROGRESS:

The reason you’re not experiencing DRAMATIC and FAST ongoing results with your workouts, even if you feel like you’re working out hard, is because you’re NOT following the RIGHT TYPES OF WORKOUTS.  Did you know… certain types of workouts could actually being making you look and feel worse? In reality, you’re simply wasting your...     ..Read more


15 Gluten-Free (Easy!) Dinner Ideas

Today we're sharing 15 gluten-free recipes that are perfect for quick and easy dinners!   It was also awesome to hear more about what you all would like to see in the coming year. One of the resounding requests was for more gluten-free recipes and dinner recipes. So today, you get...     ..Read more


Agave: Why We Were Wrong

by Mehmet Oz, MD Over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly concerned about a sweetener that I’ve recommended on my show in the past. After careful consideration of the available research, today I’m asking you to eliminate agave from your kitchen and your diet. Here’s why. We used to...     ..Read more


How soy supplements may affect breast-cancer genes

Reuters Taking soy protein supplements may lead to some concerning genetic changes for women with breast cancer, a new study suggests. In the study, half of 140 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer took soy protein powder and the other half took a placebo for between seven and 30 days...     ..Read more


Is Eating Breakfast Really That Important?

  The age-old advice about breakfast being the most important meal of the day is being questioned in a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. More specifically, the researchers wanted to see how breakfast, or lack thereof, effects weight loss. In a 16 week randomized trial...     ..Read more

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